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Washer Dryer Buying Guide

If you’re looking to make the most of limited space in your home, a washer dryer is the perfect way to help keep your clothes clean, fresh, and dry – all in one appliance. Whether you’re looking for the perfect capacity to match your everyday washing and drying needs or you’re after the latest technologies, our washer dryer buying guide has the information you need to help you make the best choice.

Washer & Dry Capacity


If you were wondering why washer dryers have different washing and drying capacities, the answer is really quite simple, and it’s all to do with the drying cycle. During the course of a drying cycle, there needs to be enough space in the drum of the appliance to allow for the perfect amount of air to circulate. This makes it possible for your clothes to dry. Meanwhile, this requirement does not affect the washing cycle at all, which explains why if you were to place a washing machine and a tumble dryer- both with the same capacities- side by side, you would be able to easily see that the drum of the tumble dryer is actually bigger than that of the washing machine.

Always remember there needs to be enough space in the drum to allow for air to circulate, so make sure you don’t fill the machine completely when choosing drying programmes or continuous washing and drying programmes, otherwise the clothes won’t dry properly.

Rest assured you’ll find the perfect washer dryer capacity for your family thanks to our range of freestanding washer dryers coming with capacities ranging from 7kg wash & 5kg dry to 9kg wash & 6kg dry and integrated washer dryers coming with capacities of 8kg wash & 5kg dry and 7kg wash & 5kg dry. And, our range of washer dryers comes in black, silver, and white to help you choose the perfect match for your home.


Spin Speed


Selecting the best spin speed for your needs can help you save time and give your clothes a wash cycle that gives them the proper care they need too. The spin speeds in our range of washer dryers go up to maximums of 1400rpm, however our washer dryers offer lower spin speeds for your more delicate laundry too – as low as 600rpm. Lower spin speeds are ideal for your delicate garments, taking extra care not to damage them, while higher spin speeds reduce the water your clothes will retain so they’ll take less time to dry. But, make sure you always read and follow the washing instructions on your clothes because higher spin speeds could damage your more delicate garments.

Extra Features

Extra Features

ProSmart™ Inverter Motor Technology
Get peace of mind knowing your washer dryer is powered by our quieter, durable and more efficient motor which comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Sensor Drying
Saving you time and effort, our sensor drying programmes identify the level of moisture in the drum and automatically stop the cycle when the optimal dryness level has been achieved. That way, over-drying is prevented and you’ll benefit from better protection for your laundry.

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