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beko - Combi Steam Pizza Pro Oven - bidm15500xds


Pizza like from the pizzeria in 5 minutes

If your homemade pizza looks like mushy bread with tomato sauce, give PizzaPro™ a try. As the oven heats up to 310 ⁰C, you can enjoy pizzeria-style pizza in just five minutes. Convincing family or friends that the pizza is homemade may take a little longer.

Meat thermometer for perfect meat preparation: English, medium or well doneMake sure your meat is always cooked just right. With CookSense®, roasting meat in the oven is no longer a guessing game. Simply insert the meat thermometer into the meat and attach it to the inner wall. The probe measures the temperature in your cut of meat and tells you exactly when the meat is done well, medium or well done, giving you perfect results every time.


Easy cleaning with steam injectionForget scrubbing and scraping grease and burnt food out of the oven. With SteamShine+® cleaning, you let the oven do the hard work as steam is injected into the cavity while the oven heats up to 95°C. This will soften grease and food residue left in the oven so all you have to do is wipe it off.



 easy-to-clean oven glassWe all like delicious meals straight from the oven. But removing the splatter grease from the oven door? Not so much. The oil-repellent inner coating in the CleanZone® oven doors prevents dirt and grease deposits, making cleaning easier every time. Even after 20 baking processes, it is sufficient to simply wipe the inside with a soft cloth. No scrubbing or harsh chemicals required.

halogen lighting


Good lighting inside the deviceDo you want to know how the cooking process is going but don't want to lose heat by opening the door? Thanks to the halogen lighting, you can see the entire interior of the oven. So you can keep an eye on your culinary creations even when the door is closed.

Telescopic extension


Safe and easy pull-out baking sheet railIf you have trouble taking heavy roasting dishes out of the oven, you can make your life easier with the telescopic rail. On the sliding system, you can pull out the tray with the roaster completely (or two-thirds with a partial telescopic version). The system is flexible and can be positioned on any rail in the cooking space.

beko - Combi Steam Pizza Pro Oven - bidm15500xds

SKU: bidm15500xds
€2,189.00 Regular Price
€1,999.00Sale Price
Colour: Black with Stainless steel
  • Product type  :  60 cm oven

    Height  :  59.5 cm

    Broad  :  59.4 cm

    Depth  :  56.7 cm

    Number of types of heating  :  17

    Display type  :  Text LCD

    Volume of the cooking chamber  :  71L

    Energy efficiency class  :  A+

    CleanZone™  :  Grease-resistant, easy-to-clean oven glass

    Steam cleaning  :  Easy cleaning with steam injection

    Oven type  :  Multifunction oven

    Adjusting the steam strength  :  High medium low

    Doorway  :  Opening downwards

    Color  :  Stainless Steel Fingerprint Free

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