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beko - B3WFU59415M - 9Kg


Forget about dirty clothes and save time for yourself and your family. With the Manhattan Gray B3WFU59415M washing machine from Beko you enjoy a washing experience in the best conditions, being equipped with innovative technologies and functions such as: SteamCure™, Ironfast, Steam Therapy and AddXtra.



Save time and comfort in your own home with the new clothes washing machines equipped with HomeWhiz® that simplify your life, while you are in control! With the help of the HomeWhiz® app, the worry of dirty clothes disappears. Now, through the application, you can easily select your favorite programs, desired temperature and additional functions and you can monitor them remotely, via Bluetooth. Moreover, the application offers you new programs, in addition to the already existing ones, so that you can find the best washing option for your clothes. In addition, you receive real-time notifications related to possible malfunctions of the machine (lack of water or detergent, open door, blocked filter, etc.), so that you can enjoy a washing experience in the best conditions.


Iron Fast

Fewer wrinkles on your clothes, easier for you to iron your shirts! Even when your shirts are perfectly clean, creases can take hours to smooth out. IronFast technology cleans your shirts with fewer wrinkles so that their subsequent ironing takes much less time. IronFast innovation optimizes water levels, temperature, rotation and steam cycles. More free time for you, less work in getting clean, easy to iron shirts.


Recycled Tube

The excessive use of PET (polyethylene terephthalate, which is used in the composition of plastic bottles) around the globe endangers both our planet and everything that lives here. We are taking a small step towards saving the planet, by using 39 million* plastic cans recycled and used to manufacture the tubs** of Beko washing machines with Recycled Tub. We have transformed PETs into high-quality materials, using innovative, patented technology and thus ensuring that washing machines maintain their highest level of performance and durability. Every step we take, as a company, in preserving the environment, is due to the fact that we understand that a healthy planet means a healthy future.


ProSmart ™ Inverter motor

The ProSmartInverter motor is your reliable partner when you need peace of mind. It is equipped with a set of noticeable advantages right from the first use: the energy efficiency that you can see on your electricity bill, the noise level is reduced by the improved speed control, the absence of vibrations and the elimination of electromagnetic emissions, so you can enjoy peace with your family. All these advantages are doubled by its durability and robustness, from which elements subject to wear, such as carbon brushes, have been eliminated.



With the help of SteamCure™ technology, you get rid of creases and delicate clothes that need more careful care. Your clothes will be kept in excellent condition thanks to the performance of using steam, which rises from the lower part of the drum. Depending on the program selected, the steam can be released at the beginning of the program or at its completion. When it is released at the beginning, the steam softens the dirt and cleaning becomes easier. When it is released at the end of the program, it helps you to get rid of extra wrinkles, the fabrics become softer, pleasant to the touch. SteamCure is ideal for baby clothes and for those with sensitive skin.

beko - B3WFU59415M - 9Kg

SKU: B3WFU59415M
€859.00 Regular Price
€699.00Sale Price
  • Energy efficiency class 2021

    Youreko classification
    Centrifugation noise class
    NER centrifugation efficiency class
    Load capacity
    9 kg
    Water consumption (l/cycle) NER
    Energy consumption (kWh/100 cycles) NER
    Eco program duration 40-60 (h:min/cycle) NER
    3:48 a.m
    Number of programs
    Maximum number of rotations
    1400 rpm
    Spin noise level (dB)
    58 cm
    Start delay
    Porthole opening angle (degrees)
    Net size (LxWxH,cm)
    Net weight (kg)
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