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Oven Doors that Stay Cleaner for Longer with CleanZone™ Technology


Tackling a dirty oven can be one of the most daunting kitchen chores. Recognizing this, we've integrated CleanZone™ technology into our range of built-in ovens and freestanding cookers to make this task easier and less frequent. This innovative technology is designed to keep the inner door of your oven cleaner for longer periods, thus reducing the need for frequent, labor-intensive cleaning.

What is CleanZone™ Technology?

CleanZone™ technology represents a significant advancement in oven design. This feature involves a special coating applied to the inner glass door of the oven. This coating is engineered to catch and reduce grease buildup from cooking, effectively keeping the glass cleaner through multiple cooking sessions. The result is an oven that maintains its cleanliness over time, reducing the need for you to scrub the door after each use.

Benefits of Ovens with CleanZone™ Technology

Choosing an oven equipped with CleanZone™ technology provides several advantages:

Extended Cleanliness: The specialized coating on the inner glass door ensures that grease and other cooking residues do not adhere as easily as they would on a standard oven door. This means the glass remains clearer and cleaner, even after several uses.

Reduced Cleaning Effort: Since the inner door stays cleaner for longer, the effort required to maintain your oven is significantly reduced. No more frequent scrubbing or use of harsh chemicals to keep your oven door spotless.

Time-Saving: With CleanZone™, the time spent on oven maintenance is minimized, freeing you up to focus on your cooking or to simply enjoy more downtime.

How CleanZone™ Stands Out

Compared to traditional ovens without this technology, ovens with CleanZone™ offer a stark contrast in maintenance needs. Traditional ovens can quickly accumulate grease and grime, necessitating regular deep cleans. In contrast, the innovative coating on CleanZone™ ovens repels these elements, keeping the oven pristine with much less effort.

Why Invest in CleanZone™ Technology?

Incorporating CleanZone™ technology into your kitchen setup is more than just a convenience; it's a smart investment in your home appliances. Not only does it reduce the physical effort needed to keep your oven clean, but it also enhances the overall cooking experience by ensuring that your oven operates efficiently in a cleaner environment.

Experience the Difference with CleanZone™

Upgrade your kitchen with an oven that stays cleaner longer and reduces your workload. Visit Consiglio's to explore our range of ovens with CleanZone™ technology and discover how easy maintaining a pristine kitchen can be.


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