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Less Dishwasher Filter Cleaning Needed with the EverClean™ Filter


Did you know that regular filter cleaning is crucial for optimal dishwasher performance? Each cycle washes off food and grease from your dishes, which collects in the filter, gradually reducing your dishwasher's efficiency. Recognizing the hassle this maintenance can cause, we've integrated the EverClean™ filter technology into our dishwasher models to significantly extend the time between cleanings.

What is EverClean™ Filter Technology?

EverClean™ filter technology revolutionizes dishwasher maintenance by keeping the filter clean up to four times longer than standard models. This innovative feature utilizes a special internal sprinkler system that moves in a circular motion, continuously cleaning the filter throughout each wash cycle. Whether you prefer to pre-rinse your dishes or load them directly, the EverClean™ filter adapts to your habits, requiring much less frequent cleaning—transforming a bi-weekly task into a seldom concern.

How EverClean™ Stands Out from Standard Filters

Traditional dishwasher filters demand regular attention to prevent clogging, which can affect cleaning performance. In contrast, the EverClean™ filter features a self-cleaning system that significantly extends the duration between manual cleanings. This system not only maintains high cleaning efficiency but also ensures that your dishes emerge spotless after every cycle.

Top Benefits of a Dishwasher with EverClean™ Filter Technology

Extended Cleaning Intervals: With EverClean™, the need to clean your dishwasher's filter drops from every two weeks to potentially months, depending on usage, saving you considerable time and effort.

Consistently High Washing Performance: The self-cleaning filter ensures that washing performance remains optimal over longer periods, delivering consistently clean dishes without the hassle.

Convenience and Ease: The self-cleaning feature of the EverClean™ filter reduces the need for frequent maintenance, allowing you to enjoy the convenience and focus on more important tasks.

Why Choose a Dishwasher with EverClean™ Technology?

Opting for a dishwasher equipped with EverClean™ technology means less time spent on appliance maintenance and more time for what you enjoy. It's designed for efficient performance and convenience, perfectly suited for busy households or anyone looking for a low-maintenance kitchen solution.

Embrace the Sparkling Clean with Less Hassle

Upgrade your kitchen with a dishwasher featuring the EverClean™ filter technology and say goodbye to frequent filter cleaning. Our innovative design not only enhances the cleanliness of your dishes but also simplifies your life by minimizing the need for regular maintenance.

Ready to Experience the Difference?

Explore our range of dishwashers with EverClean™ technology and find the perfect fit for your home. Visit Consiglio's to learn more about our innovative appliances that combine efficiency with ease of use, and start enjoying a cleaner kitchen with less effort today.


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