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Enhance Your Health with HarvestFresh™ Technology in Malta


In Malta, where fresh produce is a staple, maintaining the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables is crucial. Beko's HarvestFresh™ fridge freezers are designed to tackle this challenge by harnessing a unique technology that prolongs the life of essential vitamins, ensuring that the health benefits of your produce are maximized.

What is HarvestFresh™ Technology?

HarvestFresh™ utilizes a three-color light technology within the crisper drawer of the fridge freezer to mimic the natural daylight cycle—blue light in the morning, green at midday, and red light in the evening. This innovation aims to extend the freshness and vitamin content of fruits and vegetables well beyond their typical lifespan.

How HarvestFresh™ Works

Mimicking Natural Light: The technology simulates the 24-hour sun cycle, which is crucial for continuing the photosynthesis process even after produce has been harvested.

Preservation of Vitamins: Independent lab tests have confirmed that HarvestFresh™ technology helps preserve Vitamins A and C—vital for immune system support and overall health—for up to five additional days.

Benefits of HarvestFresh™ in Your Maltese Kitchen

Enhanced Nutritional Value: By extending the preservation of vitamins A and C, HarvestFresh™ ensures that fruits and vegetables retain their beneficial properties for longer, supporting your diet and health.

Reduced Food Waste: With produce staying fresh longer, there's less likelihood of throwing away spoiled fruits and vegetables, reducing waste and saving money.

Convenience: This technology allows you to enjoy fresh-tasting and nutritious produce without frequent trips to the market, ideal for busy lifestyles.

Why Choose Beko HarvestFresh™ Fridge Freezers?

Immunity Boosting: The enhanced preservation of vitamins can contribute to better immune health and more robust defense against illnesses.

Heart Health and Cognitive Function: Vitamins A and C also support heart health and cognitive functions, providing overall wellness benefits.

Antioxidant Protection: These vitamins act as natural antioxidants, protecting the body from oxidative stress and potential diseases.

Making a Healthy Choice in Malta

Choosing a Beko HarvestFresh™ fridge freezer is not just about preserving food; it's about enhancing your lifestyle and diet. The innovative technology ensures that every time you reach for fruits and vegetables in your fridge, you're getting the maximum health benefits possible.

Ready to Experience the Freshness?

Visit our selection of Beko HarvestFresh™ fridge freezers in Malta and see how you can transform the way you store and enjoy your produce. Discover more about these innovative appliances and take a step towards healthier living today by visiting Consiglio's.


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