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Fridges That Retain Vitamin C with Active Fresh Blue Light™

Nothing is healthier for you than fresh fruit and vegetables but from the moment they’re harvested, they start to lose their nutritional value. The Active Fresh Blue Light™ technology in our refrigeration range protects their Vitamin C content, so your fruit and vegetables stay fresher and more nutritious for longer.

How to keep food fresher for longer

Active Fresh Blue Light™ technology is available in our American-style fridge freezers and also some combi fridge freezers. The crisper drawer mimics the process of photosynthesis using blue LED lights to protect the Vitamin C content and nutritional values of your fruit and vegetables, improving their preservation by up to 30%

How does Active Fresh Blue Light™ technology help to store vegetables and fruit for longer? In a standard crisper drawer, fruit and vegetables are stored in an environment to help them stay fresh until they go out of date. With the blue LED lights that come with our Active Fresh Blue Light™ technology, you can store fruit and vegetables for a long time because they continue to photosynthesize, so they retain vitamins and nutrients whereas in a standard crisper drawer you will lose some of their nutritional value and taste. Standard crisper drawers are perfect for those who consume their fruit and veg within days of purchasing them.

Why would I want a fridge freezer to preserve my fruit and vegetables? There are many reasons why you would want a fridge that keeps fruit and veg better preserved. Aside from enjoying tasty fruit and vegetables that are both high in Vitamin C and nutritional value, keeping your produce in a Beko fridge freezer with Active Fresh Blue Light™ means fruit and vegetables stay fresh for longer and as a result taste better too. This, in turn, helps you to reduce your food waste at home and your trips to the grocery store, helping you save time and money

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