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Dishwashers that do the Scrubbing for you with AquaIntense®


Tired of scrubbing dishes? Let our AquaIntense® technology take over the chore for you. Designed to tackle even the most stubborn residue, our innovative dishwashers ensure that you spend less time at the sink and more time enjoying what you love.

What is AquaIntense® Technology?

AquaIntense® technology is a revolutionary cleaning system incorporated into some of our dishwashers, designed to handle heavy-duty cleaning with ease. It features a dedicated intensive cleaning zone in the bottom basket, ideal for heavily soiled pots and pans. The key to its effectiveness lies in the dual-action cleaning system:

A 360° rotating spray head delivers powerful water coverage from all angles.

An additional spray arm swings 180°, providing a rigorous, side-to-side scrubbing motion.

This combination, along with higher water pressure, creates an intensive cleaning zone that achieves up to five times the cleaning performance of standard dishwashers, ensuring spotless results without the need for pre-rinsing.

Enhanced Cleaning with AquaIntense®

Unlike traditional dishwashers that rely solely on a standard 360° spray arm, AquaIntense® equipped models include an extra spray arm that amplifies the cleaning action. This advanced feature targets hard-to-clean areas with precision, ensuring that even burnt-on food is effortlessly removed. Here’s how AquaIntense® stands out:

Extra Scrubbing Action: The additional arm tackles dirt with high-pressure water jets,significantly reducing the need for manual scrubbing.

Superior Cleaning Performance: With enhanced water pressure and dual spray arms, dishes come out exceptionally clean, setting a new standard in dishwasher performance.

Why Choose a Dishwasher with AquaIntense® Technology?

Time-Saving Efficiency: Spend less time cleaning and more time living. AquaIntense® dishwashers handle the tough messes, freeing you from the sink.

Exceptional Deep Clean: Achieve a deeper clean with less effort. The unique technology ensures that all dishes, especially pots and pans, are thoroughly washed and ready for your next culinary creation.

Outstanding Performance: Experience up to five times better cleaning results compared to conventional dishwashers, making AquaIntense® the ideal choice for households that value both efficiency and effectiveness.

Embrace the Cutting-Edge in Dishwashing Technology

Our dishwashers with AquaIntense® technology redefine kitchen convenience, blending advanced cleaning mechanics with user-friendly features to offer a truly modern dishwashing solution. Perfect for anyone who loves cooking but dislikes the cleanup, these dishwashers ensure your kitchenware is impeccably clean with minimal effort.

Ready for a Hassle-Free Cleaning Experience?

Discover how our AquaIntense® technology can transform your dishwashing routine. Visit Consiglio's to explore our range of advanced dishwashers, and step into a world where your kitchen stays pristine with no extra effort on your part.


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