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Cook Two Dishes at Different Temperatures with Split&Cook® Technology


Looking for a double oven's versatility but limited by space? Our Split&Cook® technology is the perfect solution, combining the benefits of dual ovens into one sophisticated appliance. This feature is ideal for those who love to cook multiple dishes simultaneously but don’t want to compromise on kitchen space.

What is Split&Cook® Technology?

Split&Cook® technology revolutionizes cooking by allowing a single oven to function as two separate ovens. With an impressive 80-litre capacity, these built-in ovens are equipped with a divider that can be inserted to split the oven into two unique cooking zones. Each zone can operate at different temperatures—up to 80°C apart—ensuring precise cooking conditions for diverse dishes. When you're not using both zones, you can remove the divider and utilize the full oven capacity for larger meals.

How Split&Cook® Enhances Your Cooking Experience

Unlike traditional single ovens, a Split&Cook® oven provides the flexibility to cook two different dishes at two different temperatures simultaneously. This separation ensures that flavors don't mix and each dish is cooked under its ideal conditions. Here’s how Split&Cook® stands out:

Dual Cooking Zones: Each section has its own fan, allowing for distinct temperature settings that give you the ability to cook varied dishes perfectly at the same time.

Energy Efficiency: Choose to use one compartment for smaller meals to save energy, or use both for larger gatherings.

Why Choose an Oven with Split&Cook® Technology?

Cooking Flexibility

Whether it’s preparing a vegetarian dish in one section and a meaty feast in another or baking a cake while roasting vegetables, the Split&Cook® oven adapts to your culinary needs. It offers the flexibility of bottom-only or top-only heating options, which is perfect for specialized cooking techniques.

Time Efficiency

Dual-zone cooking means meals are ready faster, reducing the time you spend in the kitchen. This is ideal for busy cooks who need to manage multiple dishes but still want to enjoy other activities.

Embrace the Future of Cooking

With Split&Cook® technology, you’re not just purchasing an oven; you’re upgrading to a smarter way of cooking. This technology is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their cooking experience without expanding their kitchen’s footprint.

Ready to Discover Split&Cook®?

Explore our range of ovens with Split&Cook® technology and see how they can transform your cooking routine. Visit Consiglio's to find the perfect model for your home, and start enjoying the benefits of efficient, flexible cooking today.


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