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Appliances With ProSmart™ Inverter Motor Technology

Inverter Motor Technology

Stay worry-free and keep costs down with appliances powered by our ProSmart™ Inverter Motor technology. Designed with your peace of mind as a priority, our range of laundry and dishwashing appliances—from washing machines to full-sized dishwashers—boasts higher energy efficiency and longevity that withstands the test of time.

What is ProSmart™ Inverter Motor Technology?

ProSmart™ Inverter Motor technology, featured in select models of our washing machines, washer dryers, and dishwashers, incorporates a brushless motor design. This innovation not only increases the appliance's overall efficiency but also allows it to operate at optimal speeds. The absence of brushes reduces friction, which enhances the motor's durability and decreases noise levels during operation, ensuring a quieter and more efficient performance.

Advantages Over Conventional Motors

Traditional motors, which utilize brushes for operation, often suffer from wear and tear that can degrade performance over time. This wear can lead to increased energy consumption and noise. In contrast, the ProSmart™ Inverter Motor's brushless design ensures longevity and conserves energy, providing a quieter and more cost-effective solution.

Why Choose Appliances with ProSmart™ Inverter Motor Technology?

Here are the top benefits of opting for appliances equipped with this advanced technology:

Higher Efficiency: Optimal speed control means more energy savings across the lifespan of the appliance, which can significantly lower your utility bills.

Increased Durability: The brushless motor is not prone to the usual wear and tear of conventional motors, enhancing its lifespan and reliability. Additionally, it comes with a 10-year guarantee, offering you extended peace of mind.

Quieter Operation: Reduced motor friction allows for quieter operation, making these appliances ideal for open-plan homes or households where noise is a concern.

Integrating Smart Technology into Your Home

Choosing appliances with ProSmart™ Inverter Motor technology represents a smart investment in your home’s efficiency and your own comfort. Whether you're updating your kitchen or laundry room, these appliances offer superior performance, reduced environmental impact, and greater economic savings.

Embrace a Quieter, More Efficient Home

Upgrade to a new standard of efficiency and comfort with our appliances featuring ProSmart™ Inverter Motor technology. Perfect for busy, eco-conscious households, they offer the innovative features that fit seamlessly into your life.

Ready to Make the Switch?

Explore our collection of advanced appliances in Malta and experience the difference of ProSmart™ Inverter Motor technology firsthand. Visit Consiglio's today to find the perfect model for your needs, and step into a quieter, more efficient world.


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