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Falmec Dama Island Hood 60 cm CDCN60.E0P7#ZZZB461F

The elegant Falmec Dama is a striking addition to your kitchen and available in four finishes – matt copper, gunmetal, brushed steel or matt white – to complement any décor.  As well as its directional ‘working’ light for cooking, it can also be used to provide a gentle, ambient light in the kitchen.  It is a recirculating hood and comes complete with Circle.Tech and Carbon.Zeo technology.  Cable extension kits are available up to a length of 3.4 metres.  Metallic grease filter is included.


Falmec Circle Tech – enhanced odour reduction and reduced noise

Unlike traditional systems, the Circle.Tech filtering unit works horizontally rather than vertically.  The expelled air is passed through the filter which surrounds the motor.  Its circular shape enhances the filter performance – it achieves up to 86% odour reduction.  The even distribution of expelled air also reduces turbulence, consequently the system is extremely quiet.


Carbon.Zeo Filtering Technology – Up to 86% reduction in cooking odours

The exclusive Falmec Carbon.Zeo combined filter utilises materials found in nature and capitalises on their ability to reduce both cooking odours and moisture.  The filter has a long life - approximately 3 years with regular use.  It is designed to be regenerated every 18 months, by placing it in the oven at 200⁰C for two hours and must be replaced after three years.


Minimum Distance:

  • Electric Hob: 52cm
  • Gas Hob: 56cm


  • Controls:

    Rotary Switch


Falmec Dama Island Hood 60 cm CDCN60.E0P7#ZZZB461F

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