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beko - GN163242XBN - 576L Side by Side

Inspired by nature, powered by light

Fruits and vegetables, even when kept fresh, begin to lose their vitamins when stored in the refrigerator. Thanks to the innovative HarvestFresh™ technology, vitamins are preserved for longer. Inspired by nature, Beko developed a unique system (so as not to repeat the technology again) that imitates sunlight during its 24-hour daily cycle. This extends the life of nutrients and vitamins for a healthier lifestyle.


2 separate cooling systems, no odor transfer

It's difficult to keep fish in the freezer along with a tasty cake in the fridge without their odors mixing. NeoFrost Dual Cooling separate cooling systems maintain optimal airflow and ideal temperatures in both the freezer and refrigerator for each compartment. As a result, food stays fresh longer without ice build-up or odor transfer.


High efficiency, high durability, low noise

If the refrigerator is noisy and consumes a lot, it's time to change it. Thanks to its innovative design, the ProSmart Inverter Compressor provides faster cooling with less energy and is four times quieter than average refrigerator compressors. It adapts to temperature fluctuations faster, keeps food fresher longer and saves on your energy bills, all at the same time.


Highly durable glass shelves

Ease your worries of putting that huge, heavy pan in the fridge with the safety glass. The glass shelves are made of tempered glass and can carry loads of up to 25 kg. They resist cracks and scratches much better than untreated glass, so you can store heavy items without any care.

beko - GN163242XBN - 576L Side by Side

SKU: GN163242XBN
€1,859.00 Regular Price
€1,549.00Sale Price
Colour: Stainless Steel
    • 179 X 91 X 70.45cm (H x W x D)

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