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Flexible Cooling and Freezing Zones with MultiZone®

Depending on the season, we often find ourselves wishing we had more freezer space or more fridge space. The MultiZone® compartment in some of our refrigeration range allows you to switch from fridge to freezer and back at the touch of a button.

What is MultiZone® technology?

MultiZone® technology refers to a compartment with a flexible temperature zone in our fridge freezers. You can adjust the temperature at the touch of a button from -24°C to 10°C, allowing you to swap to either a fridge or a freezer to suit your needs.

Why would I want a fridge freezer with MultiZone®?

A fridge freezer with MultiZone® technology is perfect for your refrigeration needs. Whether you need more fridge space for a family barbeque or more freezer space to host your Christmas dinner, this compartment can become either a fridge or a freezer at the touch of a button.

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